Mastre Setup


Thanks for trying out Mastre, down below you can see how to quickly install Mastre.

Mac / Windows


Mac Installation:

Once you have downloaded the Mastre.dmg, you will open this file then you will see this prompt:

In order to get this file to open, you will need to visit system preferences,

1. Click the apple icon on the top left on the menu bar
2. Select System Preferences
3. Click on Security & Privacy

Once you are in this page you will press the “Open Anyway” button.


Once you have done this, this will open:

You will drag the Mastre icon into the applications folder where you can then open the app


You may see this last screen, you will hit open and the app will now start. You now have the app installed and ready to use.


Windows Installation:


Please note Windows Defender will open up a prompt so before you can install the Mastre client you will need to do the following steps:


After you have downloaded the install file which ends in a .exe you double click it to open

1) Click on More Info on the screen that appears:



2) Click on Run anyway that appears at the bottom:



This will now allow the app to open, you can sign in, and begin using the app.