A lightweight performance based Shopify all in one bot. Supporting thousands of Shopify stores, never miss a release again.

$50 Buy Now

Beta Release

Meticulously crafted with powerful features.

Every Shopify Store
We support all Shopify based shops, literally thousands
Unlimited Tasks
Create unlimited tasks for multiple items across multiple websites
Multiple Profiles
Setup multiple billing/shipping profiles
Keyword Finder
Advanced product finder using Shopify backend
Schedule tasks to begin at a certain time
Performance First
Built using the latest web technologies to ensure lightning fast operation
An unmatched level of support via email or social media
Cross Platform
Windows & Mac Compatible

Plus many more features to come:

Proxy Support
Captcha Solver
Restock Mode
Mobile App
Advanced Statistics

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mastre cost?
Mastre is subscription based, current price for beta release is $50 monthly and will increase when we publicly launch. Can be cancelled at any time.
What is a beta release?
The purpose of our beta release is to further expand the number of different system configurations so we can catch and fix any bugs before the public release is out. The app is fully functional and has been in beta testing for a few months. We have tested on multiple system configurations, as we expand our user base and add more system configuations you may encounter a bug here and there. We encourage all users to leave feedback of any bugs you may encounter or suggestions on features, user interfaces, or anything in general.
Do you support ________ store?
As long as the store runs on the Shopify platform our software supports it. Nearly all online shops today use Shopify.